MANY farmers have the do-it-yourself skills and equipment to bolt together a shed frame and clad it.  What puts some off is the important bit at the start, laying out the foundations and getting them square and level. Phoenix Sheds WA offers a unique solution, a shed-building masterclass where experts help customers for a day or two on site to lay out their shed and get it right.

“Sometimes the daunting part of putting up their shed is getting those foundations right and once they’ve done that it’s smooth sailing to the end,” said Ryan Patterson, Phoenix Sheds WA owner, at the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days.

“We are trying to minimise the cost of putting the shed up, but making sure it starts the right way.  “The masterclass is the middle ground between having to pay somebody to put it up and attempting it yourself when you’re not entirely confident,” he said. Phoenix Sheds WA offers a range of easy to install kit sheds to suit various farm applications, but can provide a custom design and full installation service if required.

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